Refund & Cancellation Policy


All Applications for refunds must be made to the Student Administrator. 


All Refunds made to Security Training Solutions will incur an administration fee of $50 with any refunds to be sent in the form of a Company cheque. 

Our Refunds policy is subject to the following conditions:

If you advise Security Training Solutions in writing prior to the commencement of your course we will provide a full refund minus the above administration fee

If you withdraw from the course from day 1 up to the completion of the course we will charge the full “Fee for Service” cost of the course

Where students have been asked to leave the classroom and not re-join for behavioural reasons the above refund policy will also apply.

All refund decision may be reviewed upon appeal as per the company’s complaints and appeals process available in the student handbook.


In all other circumstances Security Training Solutions will:


Ensure that students receive a refund of fees for services not provided, including services not provided as a result of financial failure of Security Training Solutions;

Ensure that the refund policy is fair and equitable;


Ensure that the contractual and financial relationship between the student and Security Training Solutions is fully and properly documented and that copies of the documentation are made available to the student at all times.




The student must provide their notice of withdrawal or cancellation in a signed and dated written letter.

Date of Cancellation / Withdrawal is the date the written request is received by Security Training Solutions’ administration staff.
A student should apply for a refund as soon as possible after notice of cancellation / withdrawal is submitted.
All refunds will be paid as soon as possible and no later than 5 working days from an approved cancellation / withdrawal notification.